Security System Fund
A Safer School for Your Child
For over forty-two years, KHCS has operated without a crisis security incident with a current security system limited to video cameras and a fire/burglar alarm. In a desire to be responsive to the latest parent surveys expressing concern over our lack of a comprehensive security system and to provide the greatest protection for your child in the future, we plan to install an access control system this summer.

Killian Hill is launching an improvement campaign to defray the $40,000 cost of installation. We have designed this campaign to allow our families to participate and to enhance our security quickly. The campaign will run from February 15 to March 18. With approximately 275 families, a donation of $150 will cover the entire cost of further securing our buildings and increasing the safety of all our children. We recognize that not every family may be able to donate the full amount while others may be able to help offset the cost by doing more. Your donation is tax deductible, and the appropriate tax documentation will be provided. Thank you for your contribution and for making KHCS a safer campus.
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